P92            CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Quatrefoil type - OXFORD mint - Moneyer - AELFWINE
obv. +CNVT REX ANGLOR, bust left;
rev.  +ELFVINE ON OXEN;            1.15g
Spink 1157 [£550 in VF for Oxford mint], North 781.
Only 1 similar example is recorded in SCBI/EMC - SCBI 19 Asmolean 653
striking crack in centre
VF                                                                £375    sold
P93       EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Pyramids type - STAFFORD mint - Moneyer - GODPINE
obv. +EDPPARD RE, bust right;
rev.  +GODPINE ON STIE;            1.25g
Spink 1184 [£1280 in VF for Stafford mint]
Ex - Lloyd Bennett coins.
weakly struck in places
VF                                                                £795     sold     
P94   EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Pyramids type - CHESTER mint - Moneyer - BRUNING
obv. +EDPARD REX. bust right;
rev.  +BRVNINC ON LEGE;            1.31g
Spink 1184 [£680 in VF for Chester mint]
Only 6 examples recorded on SCBI/EMC
Provenance: Baldwins, 1987 [with tickets]
VF or better                                                   £595     
P95     AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Second Hand type - WINCHESTER mint - Mon. BYRHTRED
obv.  +AEDELRED REX ANGLOX, bust right;
rev.   +BYRHTRER M-O PINT.       1.32g
Spink 1146 [£450 in VF], North 768.
Ex - Private collection, USA
VF                                                               £350     sold
P96           ALFRED the GREAT [871-99] silver penny
Lunette type - CANTERBURY mint - Moneyer - WIGELM
obv. +AELFRED REX, bust right;            0.79g
rev.  MON - VIGELM - ETA, in 3 lines - lunettes broken
Spink 1057 [£3250 in VF], North 626, BMC 1a
Found - Orwell, Cambs., 2014 - recorded EMC 2014.0330
Extremely rare moneyer - not listed in North or BMC
This is the only example listed on SCBI/EMC
Dark tone and slight porosity - better than photo
VF                                                                        £1985 
P97       VIKING Danish East Anglia [c.895-910] silver penny
St. EDMUND coinage
obv. +SCEID, retrograde, A in centre;
rev.  +CE : BER, cross in centre;            1.18g
Spink 960, North 483
Provenance: Davisson auction, USA, 10.4.1997, lot 500.
weakly struck in part of legends and slightly patchy toning
EF                                                                            £895
P98         AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross type - WATCHET mint - Moneyer - HUNWINE
obv. +AEDELRAED REX ANGLO, bust left;
rev.  +HVNEPINE MO PECED;            1.49g
Spink 1151 [£1950 in VF for Watchet mint], North 774.
Provenance: Wilhelm Vogel collection, Hess auctions, 16.4.1928, lot 4700; Sothebys, 19.4.1993, lot 98;
crack in centre [stable].
nEF/GVF                                                        £850
P99     EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Trefoil Quadrilateral type - NEWPORT mint - Moneyer - ELFSI
obv. +EDPE-RD RE, bust left;
rev.  +ELFSI ON NIVIPEN [retrograde].        
Spink 1174 [£7650 in VF for Newport mint], North 817
Provenance: Noble Numismatics auction, 16.11.2000, lot 727
Only 2 Newport mint coins in total are recorded on SCBI/EMC for Edward the Confessor [none of this type].
VF/GVF                                                    £5950        R
P100         AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross type - GOTHABURH [Gothabyrig] mint
Moneyer - WULFMAER
obv. +AEDELRAED REX ANGL, bust left;
rev.  +PVLFMAER MO GEODA;        1.32g
Spink 1151 [£3900 in VF for Gothaburh mint], North 774, Dolly & Elmore Jones BNJ 28 [1955-7] pp.270-82 and pl.XX11 no.1 [same dies], cf. SCBI 7 Copenhagen 362 and SCBI 50 St Petersburg 687. 
Only 2 Gothaburh [Castle Gotha] coins in total are listed on SCBI/EMC for Aethelred 11.
This mint was most likely in Devon, near Exeter.
Provenance: Drabble coll'n; Sothebys 4.7.1939, lot 473; Duke of Argyll coll'n.; Spink c.1949; Doubleday collection; Glendinings auction, 6.10.1987, lot 142; Spink NC March 1990, no.954, Baldwins August 1994.
some small Viking pecks and 2 slight surface striking cracks
VF                                                                              £2500
P101     EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Hammer Cross type - NOTTINGHAM mint 
Moneyer - WULNOTH
obv.  +EADPARD RE, bust right;
rev.   +PVLNOD ON SNOT;            1.26g
Spink 1182 [£2400 in VF for Nottingham mint], North 828, Blackburn & Bonser, BNJ 54 [1984] pp. 63-73, coin no.15.
Provenance: Spink Australia auction, 28.3.1989, lot 1246.
Only 1 recorded on SCBI/EMC - EMC 1984.0015
weakly struck in parts of legends
nEF/GVF                                                              £2500
P102         EADGAR [959-75] silver penny
Portrait Reform coinage - YORK mint - Moneyer - OSMUND
obv. +EADGAR REX ANG, bust left;
rev.  +OSMVND M-O EFERPIC;                1.59g
Spink 1141 [£3750 in VF], North 752
Provenance: Patrick Finn, list 4, Spring 1995, no.97 [illus.];
Noble Numismatics auction, 21.3.1996, lot 2539.
Only 2 examples are listed on SCBI/EMC both in museum collections and read EOFOR [none with EFERPIC] - SCBI 29 Merseyside 511 + SCBI 2 Glasgow 733. 
obv. somewhat double struck and rev. slightly off-centre
GVF/aVF                                                            £2500

P103               OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Portrait type - Light Coinage - LONDON mint
Moneyer - DUD
obv. bust right with OFFA in front;
rev.  +d V D ;        1.19g
Spink 905 [£3250 in VF for common types, this much rarer], Chick 22a [this coin p.68, pl.4].
Provenance: R P Mack collection, SCBI 20.555; Spink NC, Nov. 1984, 7411.   
Large full flan, dark tone, slightly irregular but not chipped, small old scratch at top of head.
EXTREMELY RARE - only 3 recorded in Chick
VF/GVF                                                        £2650
P104            BURGRED [852-74] silver penny
Type 111 - Moneyer - BERHEAH
obv. +BVRGRED REX, bust right;
rev.  MON BERHEA ETA;            
Spink 942D [£600 in VF], North 423.
​small edge chip
GVF                                     £450      sold          
P105     ALFRED the GREAT [871-99] silver penny
Lunette type A - Portrait - CANTERBURY mint 
Moneyer - DUDD
obv. +AELBRED REX, bust right;
rev.  MON +DVDD ETA;                0.84g
Spink 1057 [£3250 in VF], North 625
dark tone - chipped edge
VF or better                                  £875     sold
P106        OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Light coinage - Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint
obv. +OFFA REX+, bust right;
rev.  PE / HT / VA / Ld, in angles of Celtic cross.
Spink 905 [£3250 -VF], Chick 129a, North 295
Recorded: EMC 2001.0778
Provenance: Found Fordwich, Kent, 1985; Derek Chick collection [with ticket]; Spink [with ticket]; John Philpotts 12 May 2011; Dr Andrew Wayne collection.
Full round flan.
VF                                                            £2950
P107        AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross type - LINCOLN mint - Moneyer - UBEINN
obv. +EDELRED REX ANGLO, bust left;
Spink 1151 [£285 in VF]
some Viking pecks, particularly on rev.
GVF                                                 £235     sold