P10        HAROLD 1 [1035-40] silver penny
Fleur de Lis type - HYTHE mint  
Moneyer - SERNE
obv: +HAROLD REX;  
rev.  +SERNE ON HEID - [Heith].
Spink 1165 [£10800 in VF for Hythe mint].
See H A Parsons, BNJ 1919, vol.15 'The Coins of Harold 1', p.27
Bust of good style with no head band
A few small Viking pecks
In a US PCGS grading capsule - graded aUNC
EF/nEF                                                                 £6500                                                                                                                                                                                                  

P1            CEOLNOTH [833-70] Abp. - silver penny
Group 1 - CANTERBURY mint - Moneyer - WYNHERE
obv. +CIALNO + DARC;                      
rev.  +VVHERE MONETA - DORO CIV in centre. 
Spink 893; North 241; cf. Naismith 105o; 
cf. EMC 1009.0049. 3 listed on SCBI/EMC [all chipped]
aUNC - according to NGC grading photo certificate [not slabbed]
                   [UK grade would be a bit lower ~ aEF]
P2            EDWARD THE ELDER [899-924] silver penny
Group 6 - FLOWER type - Moneyer - HEREMOD
obv. +EADVVEARD REX, cross in centre; 
rev.  Flower with 2 leaf branches; HEREMOD below line; star below.  Spink 1078 [£12500 in VF]; North 658.                    1.50 g
Found: Miserden, Glos., Dec. 2020.  Recorded: EMC. 2020.0410
edge slightly chipped, but all details there - flan somewhat uneven and some small deposits and slightly patchy toning.
EXTREMELY RARE - a highly sought-after coin [full coin ~ £30,000]
EF or near                                                                £9850

P3              CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Small Cross type - NOTTINGHAM mint - Moneyer - BLACMAN
obv. +CNVT RECX, bust left;  
rev.  +BLACAMAN O SNO.                 1.04g
Spink 1159 [£1500 in VF for Nottingham mint]; North 790.
cf. EMC 1015.3470 
flan a bit uneven
aEF                                                                   £1985                                                                                                                 

P4      EDWARD THE ELDER [899-924] silver penny
Portrait type - Moneyer - GARHEARD
obv. +EADVVEARD REX, bust left;
rev.  +GARE ARDM-O, between 3 crosses.              1.60 g.
Spink 1084; North 651; cf. EMC1050.0206.
Provenance: Private collection, USA.
VERY RARE - weakly struck on King's forehead.
aUNC - according to NGC grading certificate accompanying the coin [not slabbed] - UK grading would be a bit lower
                                                                    £5500     sold
P5      AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross type - WARWICK mint - Moneyer - OSMAER
obv. +EDELRED REX ANGL, bust left;
rev.  +OSMAER M'O PAERIN;                          1.61 g.
Spink 1151, North 774; Ebsworth, BNJ 1965, 25;  cf. EMC 1007.1273 [same dies]
Provenance: Doubleday coll'n.; Glendinings, 6.10.1987, lot 546; Spink, 14.3.2001, lot 1017; William J Conte coll'n.
peck marks and some double-striking on rev
VF                                                                         £950      sold
P6    EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Expanding Cross type
obv. +EDPERD, bust left; 
rev.  +PVLNOD ON HAMT.       1.08g.
Spink 1176, N.823.
weakly struck in places
GVF                                                                        £750
P7                   HAROLD 1 [1035-40] silver penny
Fleur de Lis type - LONDON mint - Moneyer - LEOFRAED
obv. +HAROLD REX, bust left;  
rev.  +LIFRED ON LVND.                    1.14 g
Spink 1165; North 803; cf. EMC 1036.0810.
Provenance: Tim Owen coins
small Viking peck on obv.
GVF/nEF                                                       £1250                                                                    

P8             HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Arm & Sceptre type - OXFORD mint Moneyer - AEGELWINE
obv. +HARDACNVT RE, bust left;  
rev.  +AEGLINE ON COXE;    1.03g
Spink 1168, North 811.
Ex - Baldwins
Only 3 recorded in SCBI/EMC - all in museum collections [2 in the Ashmolean - SCBI 9 - Ashmol. 758 and 9] 
Ours is the best example known, as far as we are aware.
EF or near                                                            £5500      

P9               CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Pointed Helmet type - STAMFORD mint - Moneyer - AELFHEAH
obv. +CNVT REX A, bust left;
Spink 1158; 
VERY RARE moneyer - only one recorded on SCBI/EMC: EMC 1015.3504
nEF                                                                             £585 
P11           AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny 
CRVX type - DORCHESTER mint - Moneyer - WULFNOTH
obv.  +AEDELRED REX ANGLOX, bust left;
Spink 1148; North 770; cf. EMC 1050.0348.
weakly struck on X on rev. + a bit bright 
nEF                                                                         £1750
P12                    EADRED [946-55] silver penny
Portrait type - Moneyer - BRUNING
obv. +EADRED RE, crowned bust right.
rev.  +BRAINIC - IIOIIC, cross in centre.        1.16 g
Spink 1115, North 713; cf. EMC 1034.0696
Provenance:  Spink NC, Feb. 1988, no. 140; Michael J Grover collection; DNW auction, 24.9.2008, lot 3417.
Full round coin - portrait somewhat weakly struck + slight die flaws + dark tone.  
VERY RARE moneyer - only 1 example on SCBI/EMC.
VF or better                                                             £3750

P13             ECGBERHT [802-39] silver penny
WINCHESTER mint - moneyer - IDA
obv. +ECGBEORHT REX, SAXON in monogram;  
rev.  +IFA MONETA.                1.19 g 
Spink 1041 [£5250 in VF], North 589; Naismith W8.1e [this coin].
Found: Hampshire, 2008. Provenance: Goldberg auction, 2.6.2015, lot 3773 [sold $5100].   Edge chipped + sl. uneven
VF or better                                                   £3950   sold
P14          EDMUND [855-70] silver penny
obv. +EADMVND REX, large A in centre;
rev.  +SIFERED MON.            0.92 g
Spink 954 [£1350 in VF]; cf. Naismith E67.1 g-h
Provenance: Pegasi Numismatics [with ticket - graded EF]
​edge chipped, flan wave + some marks
GVF-nEF                                                     £595     sold
P15             OFFA  [757-96] silver penny
Light Coinage - LONDON mint - Moneyer - CIOLHARD
obv. +OFFA REX+, bust right;  
rev.  +CIOL HARd, coiled serpent in figure of 8.       1.09 g      
Spink 905 [£3250 in VF]; North 317; cf. Chick type 18j [Blunt 23]; cf. EMC 1020.0554. 
Found: nr. Harston, Cambs., 2020.    chipped edge + some porosity.
VF                                                                        £750     sold
P16       EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Expanding Cross type - WARWICK mint 
obv. +EDPARD REX, bust left;
rev.  +ESTAN ON PERINGPICAN.            1.43 g  
Spink 1176 [£1300 in VF for Warwick mint], 
None on SCBI/EMC.  edge chip and some patchy toning/deposit on rev.
GVF                                                                       £575   sold
P17              HAROLD 1 [1038-40] silver penny
Fleur de Lis type - NOTTINGHAM mint - Moneyer - BLACMAN
obv. +HAROLD RE, bust left;
rev.  +BLACAMAN ON SN.                0.94 g
Spink 1165 [£4600 in VF for Nottingham mint], North 803; 
Found: Isleham, Cambs. 2004.    Recorded: EMC 2004.0031
​2 tiny internal cracks at top of King's head, only visible when held up to the light + patchy toning + some striking weakness.
VF                                                                     £2500
P18            CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Short Cross type - GUILDFORD mint - Moneyer - BLACMAN
obv. +CNVT RECX, bust left;  
rev.  +BLACAMON O GYLD;               0.93 g
Spink 1159, North 790, 
Found: Ickleton, Cambs. 2008;     Recorded: EMC 2008.0306
weakly struck in parts of rev.
nEF/GVF                                                          £3500    sold
P19     EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Hammer Cross type - WARWICK mint - Moneyer - THORKETILL
obv. +EADPARD RE, bust right;
rev.  +DVRGL ON PAERING;                    1.38 g  
Spink 1182 [£1160 in VF for Warwick mint], North 828.
Provenance: W J Conte coll'n.; CNG auction, 13.1.2013, lot 1458 
EXTREMELY RARE.        toning slightly patchy
GVF                                                            £875    sold

P20       EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Expanding Cross type - BRISTOL mint - Moneyer - AELFWEARD
obv. +EDPARD REX, bust left;
rev.  +AELFPORD O BRICS;                1.67 g
Spink 1177 [£860 in VF for Bristol mint]; cf. EMC 1019.0351
Only 1 recorded on SCBI/EMC [above] - in a museum.
nEF/GVF                                                        £1385      sold
P21      AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Last Small Cross type - GLOUCESTER mint
Moneyer - LEOFSIGE
obv. +AEDELRED REX, bust left;
rev.  +LEOFSIGE ON GL....                   1.43g.
Spink 1154 [£530 in VF for Gloucester mint]; North 777.
Provenance: Dr John Hulett collection
Scarce mint - some small Viking pecks
VF                                                    £450     sold

P22            BALDRED [823-25] silver penny
Non-Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint - Mon. - SIGESTEF
obv. +BELDRED REX, cross in centre;
rev.  +SIGESTEF, cross in centre.              0.85g.
Spink 880 [£3000 in VF], Naismith C63.2d [this coin], North 213.
Found: Chiseldon. Swindon, 2003
Recorded: EMC 2003.0184
edge chipped [as often seen with these]
VF/nVF                                                        £985   sold
P23       AETHELSTAN [c.825-40] silver penny
obv. +EDELSTAN : I, barred A in centre;
rev.  +TORHTHELM, cross in centre.
Spink 950 [£1750 in VF]; cf. Naismith E40.3 
Naismith only records 2 examples
slightly chipped edge, but all details are there.
GVF-nEF                           £875      sold
P24           HAROLD 1 [1035-40] silver penny
Jewel Cross type - NORWICH mint - Moneyer - AEFIC
obv. +HAROLD RECX, bust left;
rev.  +AEFICC ON NORDPIC.              1.10g
Spink 1163; cf. EMC 1040.0486
a few small Viking pecks
Only 5 are recorded on SCBI/EMC.
EF                                                          £1950
P25              COENWULF [796-821] silver penny
Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint - Moneyer - OBA
obv. +COENVVLF REX m, bust right;
rev.  +OBA + MON + ETA, cross crosslet;           1.23g.
Spink 916 [£2500 in VF]; Naismith C41.2d [this coin]
Ex - Baldwin auction, 7.5.2002, lot 10; Baldwins, Summer 2009, no. BH069.
slightly ragged edge + internal striking crack at inner circle - 9 to 12 o'clock
GVF-nEF                                                £1250    sold
P26             AETHELBERHT [858-65] silver penny
obv. +AEDELBEARHT REX, bust right;
rev.  +DIARM / OD MO / N / E / T / A.    0.92g.
Spink 1053 [£3000 in VF], Naismith C181g [this coin], N. 620.
Provenance: Private collection, UK, Dec. 1954;
                    Lord Stewartby collection [with ticket].
chipped and slightly mottled toning.
VERY RARE   -   GVF                             £950    sold
P27           AETHELBERHT [858-866] silver penny
obv. +AEDELBEARHT REX, bust right;
rev.  +EDELRED MONETA, on arms & angles of cross.  0.97g
Spink 1053 [£3000 in VF], Naismith C162h [this coin], N. 620.
Provenance: Ernest Danson collection;
chipped edge and tiny edge crack at 3 o'clock
VERY RARE    -   GVF or better                  £1200     sold

P28              OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Light coinage - London mint - Moneyer - EALHMUND
obv. + OFFA REX +, bust right;
rev.  + ALH MUN D, within serpent torque.        1.19g
Spink 905; Chick 37p [this coin illustrated], cf. EMC 1986.0088.
Provenance: DNW auction, 9.12.2003, lot 491;
Another example [Chick 37k], in similar condition, sold at CNG auctions, USA, 15.1.2020 [lot 1272] for $21600 [total] - Anglo Saxon auction prices have shot-up since then. 
some slight striking weakness at 1 o'clock 
VERY RARE - a classic Offa portrait penny
EF or near                                                             £9850
P29             EADGAR [959-75] silver penny
Portrait type - EAST ANGLIA mint - Moneyer - BRUNING
obv. +EADGAR RX, bust right;
rev.  +BRVNINC.....AE, cross in centre.
Spink 1138 [£3750 in VF]
Found: Ely, Cambs. 2007;   Recorded: EMC 2007.0158
Provenance: Hidden History, July 2007
chipped edge and associated edge cracks.     RARE
VF                                                                 £850                                                                                                         
P30            HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Arm & Sceptre type - IPSWICH mint - Moneyer - LEOFSTAN
obv.  +CNVT RECX, bust left;
rev.   +LEFSTN ON GIPESPIC.                   1.18g
Spink 1169 [£2225 in VF for Ipswich mint]; 'The Ipswich Mint', J C Sadler, vol.111, p.529, 609c [this coin]; cf. EMC 1040.1806
Provenance: AMR Coins.      Small deposit at top of obv.
Only 3 examples are recorded on SCBI/EMC
EF or near                                                       £ sold
P31               CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
CONTEMPORARY FORGERY - uncertain mint and moneyer
Quatrefoil type
rev.  +NVEL ON FRNIL ?.                   0.89 g.
Found: near Plymouth, 2011
debased silver ?
weakly struck and some porosity
nVF                                                             £275    sold
P32              CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Quatrefoil type - MALMESBURY mint  - Moneyer - BEORHTSTAN
obv. +CNVT REX ANGLOR, bust left;
rev.  +BRIHSTA . ON MEAL..                      0.81 g
Spink 1157 [£2725 in VF for Malmesbury mint], North 781
Provenance: J Newnan coins, June 2018 
chipped and associated edge crack
GVF                                                                   £975    

P33            HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Jewel Cross type - GLOUCESTER mint - Moneyer - AELFSIGE
obv. +HARDACNVT RE, bust right;
rev.  +AELF : SIG ON GLEOCE. 1.42g.   
Spink 1167 [£5000 in VF for Gloucester mint], North 809, cf. SCBI 40 Stockholm 23.      Only 1 recorded on SCBI/EMC [museum]. Provenance: Jon Mann.
some Viking pecks and slightly wavy flan.
EF                                                                        £6500
P34                     EADRED [946-55] silver penny
Portrait type - Moneyer - MANNECIN
obv. +EADRED REX, bust right;
rev.  +MANNECIN . MONETA [small T], small cross.   1.04g
Spink 1115 [£2750 in VF], North 713, cf. EMC 1034.0706.
chipped and cracked, but stable.
GVF                                                                   £750
P35        HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Arm & Sceptre type - HUNTINGDON mint - Moneyer - WULFWIG
obv. +HARDACNV, bust left;
rev.  +PVLFPI ON HVNTA.               1.15g
Spink 1168; North 811; Eaglen 245; EMC 2016.0236. 
slightly uneven flan
Only 1 other example known.
aEF                                                                     £6500
P36             HAROLD 1 [1035-40] silver penny
Fleur de Lis type - BRISTOL mint - Moneyer - AELFWEARD
obv. +HAROLD RECX, bust left;
​rev.  +AELFPERD ON BRI.                    1.11 g
Spink 1164 [£1635 in VF for Bristol mint], North 803.
​Provenance: Baldwin [graded: 'choice EF'].  
small area of striking weakness - flan slightly uneven. 
Superb coin       
EF                                                                    £3750   
P37       AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Crvx type - LYMPNE mint - Moneyer - EDWARD
obv. +EDELRED REX ANGLOR, bust left;
rev.  +EDPERD MO LYMENA.                 1.43 g
Spink 1148; North 770.
Provenance: Spink
VERY RARE mint            chipped edge
VF or better                                                 £575
P38      VIKING Danish East Anglia [c.895-910] silver penny
St EDMUND Coinage
obv. +SCEID [retro.], A in centre;
rev.  +CE :BER...                                         1.18 g
Spink 960; North 483.
Provenance: Davissons auction, USA, 10.4.1997, lot 500.
slightly patchy toning and areas of weak striking
EF                                                              £950     R
P39       EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Hammer Cross type - NOTTINGHAM mint - Moneyer - WULFNOTH
obv. +EADPARD RE, bust right;
rev.  +PVLNOD ON SNOT;                           1.26 g   
Spink 1182 [£2180 in VF for Nottingham mint], North 828; Blackburn & Bonser, BNJ 54 [1984], p.63-73, no.15.
Provenance: Spink auction [Australia], 28.3.1989, lot 1246.
Only 1 recorded on SCBI/EMC - EMC 1984.0015.
EXTREMELY RARE                weakly struck in places
nEF/GVF                                                                       £2350
P40           EADGAR [959-75] silver penny
Portrait type - Moneyer - SIFERTH
obv. +EADGAR REX, bust right;
rev.   SIFRED MONETA, extra cross and pellet in centre.   
Spink 1138 [£3750 in VF]
Very rare moneyer for this type.
weakly struck, small chip, some porosity and scratch on rev.
nVF                                                                £995    sold
P41     EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [978-1016] silver penny
Sovereign & Eagles type - NORTHAMPTON mint
Moneyer - LEOFRIC
obv. +AEDPARD REX ANG, King holding orb and sceptre;
rev.  +LEFRIC ONN HANTV.                      1.34 g
Spink 1181 [£730 in VF for Northampton mint], North 827; Freeman 17 
Provenance: Baldwins [graded EF].
EXTREMELY RARE - no examples on SCBI/EMC
aEF                                                                             £995                              
P42          HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Arm & Sceptre type - BEDFORD mint - Moneyer - LEOFDEGN
obv. +HARDCNVT, bust left;
rev.  +LEOFDEGEN ON BE.                 1.23 g
Spink 1168.
Provenance: Baldwins auction, 7.6.2018, lot 106 [sold: £9000].
Only 3 Harthacnut Bedford mint coins are recorded on SCBI/EMC [all a different moneyer] and none as good as this.
Superb coin
EF                                                                   £12500
P43                 HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Arm & Sceptre type - LINCOLN mint - Moneyer - AUTHBJORN
obv. +CNVT REX ANG, bust left;
rev.  +ODBEARB ON LINC;                          1.22 g
Spink 1169, North 777.
Provenance: Baldwins auction, 27.11.2017, lot 56 [sold: £4350].
3 examples are recorded in SCBI/EMC - all in museum collections and inferior to our coin.
EF                                                                            £4850