P1             CEOLNOTH [833-70] Abp. silver penny
Group 11 - CANTERBURY mint - Moneyer - BIORNMOD
obv. +CIALNO D ARC, facing bust;  
rev.  +BIOHMOD MONET [DOR CIV monogram]. 1.18g
Spink 893 [£2850 in VF], Naismith C103.1o [this coin], North 241.
Ex - Private collection, USA; 
       Lord Stewartby collection [with ticket]. 
Slightly weakly struck in places and small edge chip, but all details still there.
GVF                                                                   £1650 
P10                   OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Portrait type - Light coinage - LONDON mint - Moneyer - DUD
obv: bust right with OFFA in front;  rev. +/d/V/D - central petal cross with trefoil sceptres in angles.  1.19g
Spink 905 [£3500 in VF, for common types, this much rarer], Chick type 22a [this coin illust. p.68, pl.4]; Blunt 30; North 309.
R P Mack collection, SCBI 20.555; Spink NC, Nov.84, 7411
Large full flan - dark tone, flan slightly irregular at bottom of obv., but not chipped and an old scratch at top of head
EXTREMELY RARE - only 3 recorded in Chick
VF/GVF                                                                         £2750                                                                                             

P2            AETHELSTAN 1 [825-40] silver penny
Portrait type - EAST ANGLIA mint - Moneyer - EADGAR
obv. +EDELSTAN RE, bust right; 
rev.  +EA / DGAR / MONE / TA.   1.22g
Spink 949 [£4250 in VF], North 438, cf. Naismith E29.1d;
Recorded: EMC 2017.0045
Found: Narborough, Norfolk, 2017.
Edge slightly chipped, but all details there - hairline edge crack at 3 o'clock.
EXTREMELY RARE   -    nEF                          £1850                       

P3               COENWULF [796-821] silver penny
Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint - Moneyer - OBA
obv. +COENVVLF REX m, bust right;  
rev.  +OBA + MON+ETA, cross moline in centre. 
Spink 916 [£2750 in VF], North 352., Naismith C41.2c [this coin]  
Provenance: Anthony coll'n; Seaby CMB, August 1950, no.7140; Glendinings auction, 13.3.1974, lot 64; Norweb coll'n [1177]; Christies 8.10.1991, lot 763; Baldwins 13.10.1997, lot 598.  
Slight edge chip, but all details are there. In a PCGS grading slab - graded EF-45 - VERY RARE
GVF/nEF                                                                    £1650                                                                                                 

P4      REGAL ANONYMOUS ISSUE [c.822-23] silver penny
obv. +SVVEFHEARD MONETA, bust right;
rev.  DOROB / ERNIA CI / VITAS, in 3 lines.  1.22 g.
Spink 878 [£3750 in VF], Naismith C55.2e [this coin illustrated], North 221/2.
Provenance: Canterbury collection, c.1920; Spink N Circular, June 1984, no.3575; Lord Stewartby collection [with tickets].
edge chip and small edge crack [stable]
EXTREMELY RARE  -  VF or better                             £985
P5               AETHELBERHT [858-65] silver penny
obv. +AEDELBEARH REX, bust right;
rev.  +HEREGEA - RD MO, within voided long cross;  1.39g.
Spink 1053 [£2750 in VF for common types, this much rarer], cf. Naismith C189, North 620.   Ex - Spink.
chipped edge, but all details there
Very rare moneyer for this type - none listed in SCBI/EMC and only 2 in Naismith [one chipped].
EXTREMELY RARE  -  nEF                                 £1250   
P6    EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Expanding Cross type
obv. +EDPERD, bust left; rev.  +PVLNOD ON HAMT. 1.08g.
Spink 1176 [£800 in VF for Northampton mint], N.823.
GVF                                                                        £650
P7           HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
obv. +HARD-ACNVT RE, bust right;
rev.  +LEOFNAD ON GLEOV, jewel cross;  1.11g.
Spink 1167 [£8000 in VF for Gloucester mint], North 809.
Ex - Baldwins.
Only one other recorded in SCBI/EMC, in a museum collection.      EXTREMELY RARE
An exceptional coin  -  EF                                                                                 £9850                                                       

P8             HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Arm & Sceptre type - OXFORD mint Moneyer - AEGELWINE
obv. +HARDACNVT RE, bust left;  rev.  +AEGLINE on COXE;
1.03g. Spink 1168 [£6300 in VF for Oxford mint], North 811.
Ex - Baldwins
Only 3 recorded in SCBI/EMC - all in museum collections [2 in the Ashmolean - SCBI 9 - Ashm. 758 and 9] 
Ours is the best example known, as far as we are aware.
EF or near                                                            £5950      

P9                  OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Light coinage - Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint
Moneyer - EALRAED  -  obv. OFFA REX, bust right;
rev.  EA / LR / AE / D, on arms of Celtic cross.  1.07g.
Spink 905 [£3500 in VF], Chick 97B [this coin illustrated], North 291.
Provenance: C A Chilvers collection; Baldwins, 1957;
                     Lord Stewartby collection [with tickets].
Full flan - some porosity.- better than photo
VF                                                                      £1995
P11                   OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Light coinage - Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint
obv. +OFFA REX+, bust right;
rev.  PE / HT / VA / Ld, in angles of Celtic cross. 1.14g.
Spink 905 [£3500 in VF], Chick 129a, SCBI 9-8, North 295.
Recorded: EMC 2001.0778
Provenance: Found Fordwich, Kent, October 1985; Derek Chick collection [with ticket]; Spink [with ticket];
John Philpotts, 12 May 2011; Dr Andrew Wayne collection.
Full flan, toned.  VERY RARE
VF                                                                            £2985

P12                    OFFA [757-96] silver penny
Light coinage - Portrait type - LONDON or CANTERBURY 
Moneyer - WINOTH
obv. OFFA REX , bust right;
rev. +U-IN-O-d in angles of floriated cross.   1.26g.
Spink 905 [£3500 in VF], Chick 72a, CEB 81, North 275
Recorded: SCBI Mack 567
Great provenance:  R C Lockett collection, Glendinings 4-6 November 1958, lot 2645; R P Mack collection; CNG auction, 15 September 1999, lot 1858; James Joyner collection.
Full round coin  -  VERY RARE
VF or better                                                                 £2750

P13              COENWULF [796-821] silver penny
Group 1 - Tribrach type - CANTERBURY mint
rev.  EDELMOD, around tribrach moline of 2 lines.  1.25g.
Spink 914 [£1350 in VF], Naismith C11.1 [this coin], North 342.
Provenance: Baldwin auction, 12 October 1998, lot 1640.
slightly chipped edge and minor associated edge cracks.
VERY RARE   -   GVF                                                £695

P14             COENWULF [796-821] silver penny
Portrait type - Cross & Wedges - CANTERBURY mint
Moneyer - EABA
obv. +COENVVLF REX M, bust right;
rev.  +EABA MONETA, cross and wedges.   0.92g.
Spink 915 [£2750 in VF], Naismith C25d [this coin], N, 344.
Provenance: Private collection, December 1954;
Lord Stewartby collection [with tickets].   Chipped edge
VERY RARE   -   GVF                                               £595
P15                  CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Quatrefoil type - HASTINGS mint, Moneyer - AELFWEARD
obv. +CNVT REX ANGLOR, bust left;  
rev.  +ELFPERD ON HAESTI.   0.78gg.
Spink 1157 [£550 in VF for Hastings mint], North 781, cf. SCBI Copenhagen 1141.
Provenance: Dr John Hulett collection
nEF                                                                  £695     R

P16            COENWULF [796-821] silver penny
Portrait type - CANTERBURY mint - Moneyer - DEALLA
obv. +COENVVLF REX, bust right;
rev.  +DEALLA MONETA, cross crosslet in centre.   1.34g.
Spink 916 [£2750 in VF], Naismith C38, North 356.
Only 8 listed in EMC/SCBI
Provenance: Stephen Mitchell collection, 1988;
                     Private collection, USA.
nice portrait and slightly ragged edge
nEF/GVF                                                              £1750

P17              BURGRED [852-74] silver penny
Type A - late phase - Moneyer - GUTHMUND
obv. BVRGRED REX, bust right;
rev.  DMON / GVMVH / ETA.   0.98g.
Spink 942 [£600 in VF], North 423
Provenance: Mackay collection; Spink.
RARE moneyer
dark tone
GVF                                                        £650 
P18            AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
First Hand type - ROCHESTER mint - Moneyer - SIDEWINE
obv. +EDELRED REX ANGLOX, bust right;  
rev.  +SIDEPINE M-O ROF;   1.57g
Spink 1144 [£1080 in VF for Rochester mint], North 766, 
cf. BEH 3304. Provenance: Dr John Hulett collection.
weakly struck in places and a few Viking pecks
aVF                                                                     £495

P19          AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
obv. +EDELRED REX ANG, bust right;
rev. +LIFINC M-O HAMTVN, hand of providence, alpha omega
1.54g  Spink 1144 [£900 in VF for Northampton mint], N 766.
Ex - Baldwins
Only 1 recorded on SCBI/EMC which is in a museum collection [SCBI 36 - Berlin 209] - our coin is much better 
EXTREMELY RARE   -   GVF                                    £785        
P20   EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Sovereign and Eagles type - NORTHAMPTON mint
Moneyer - AELFWINE
obv. EADPARD REX ANGL, King on throne facing;
rev. +AELFPINE ON HAM, short voided cross with birds; 
Spink 1181 - £850 in VF for Northampton mint, North 827, Freeman 7, BNJ X1X, pl. 1V:5 [this coin illustrated].
Ex - Baldwins
Full round example of this classic Anglo Saxon coin.
None are recorded on SCBI/EMC
EXTREMELY RARE   -   nEF                           £995                  
P21     AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Second Hand type - LONDON mint - Moneyer - ASKETTIL
obv. +EDELRED REX ANGLOX, bust right;
rev.  +OSCYTEL M-O LVND.   1.36g.
Spink 1146 [£450 in VF], North 768, BEH 2848.
Provenance: Dr John Hulett collection.
A few Viking pecks.   RARE
VF                                                                   £450   R
P22    VIKING - HIBERNO-NORSE [919-25] silver penny
obv. SCI-PE / TRIIO, in 2 lines divided by sword;
rev. +EBORACEI, cross pattee with pellets in angles.  1.20g.
Spink 1014 [£3750 in VF], Blackburn 11, p.38, North 555.
Provenance: Eboracum hoard; Spink
very nice example
EF or near                                                                  £7500 

P23   VIKING - HIBERNO-NORSE [c.919-25] silver penny
obv. SCIPE / T.RIMO, in 2 lines divided by sword;
rev. +EBORACEI, cross pattee with pellets in angles.  1.02g.
Spink 1014 [£3750 in VF], Blackburn 11 p.38, North 555.
Provenance: Eboracum hoard;  Spink.   
Flan bowed and edge chipped, but 80% of the coin remains
EF                                                                                 £985

P24         JAENBERHT [c.782-92] under Offa - silver penny
obv. IAENBERHT ARE, around cross with wedges in angles;
rev.  OFFA REX, in lunettes.  0.97g
Spink 882 [£4500 in VF], Cick 157d [this coin illustrated], North 223, Blunt 131. Chick only lists 4 known specimens.
Provenance: Garden find, Godmanstone, Cerne Abbas, 1863; Sir John Evans collection; Lord Grantley collection; Glendinings auction, 22 March 1944, lot 891; Dupree collection; Spink NC November 1993 [7818]; Spink NC July 1996 [3348].
aVF/VF                                                                       £3950
P25     EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Pointed Helmet type - NORTHAMPTON mint - M. WULFNOTH
obv. +EDPERD REX, bust right;
rev.  +PVLFNOD ON HAM, short voided cross.   1.31g.
Spink 1179 [£850 in VF for Northampton mint], North 825, Freeman 66, BNJ X1X, pl.1V:3 [this coin illustrated].
Ex - Baldwins   - Only one other example is recorded on SCBI/EMC, in a museum collection [SCBI 2 - Glasgow 1073] - our coin is far superior.
EXTREMELY RARE   -   EF                                  £1350
P26             AETHELBERHT [858-65] silver penny
obv. +AEDELBEARHT REX, bust right;
rev.  +DIARM / OD MO / N / E / T / A.    0.92g.
Spink 1053 [£2750 in VF], Naismith C181g [this coin], N. 620.
Provenance: Private collection, UK, Dec. 1954;
                     Lord Stewartby collection [with ticket].
chipped and slightly mottled toning.
VERY RARE   -   GVF                                           £895
P27           AETHELBERHT [858-866] silver penny
obv. +AEDELBEARHT REX, bust right;
rev.  +EDELRED MONETA, on arms & angles of cross.  0.97g
Spink 1053 [£2750 in VF], Naismith C162h [this coin], N. 620.
Provenance: Ernest Danson collection;
                     DNW auction, 12 December 2005, lot 159.
slightly chipped edge and tiny edge crack at 3 o'clock
VERY RARE    -   GVF or better                               £985

P28      VIKING York - CNUT [895-902] silver penny
obv. CNVT RE, around long Greek cross;
rev.  BRAICE CIVIT, around small cross pattee.   
Spink 989 [£750 in VF], North 495, Lyon/Stewart Gp 1d, Blackburn fig. 3 no. 2, cf. SCBI Ashmolean 114, Copenhagen 455-6 and Merseyside 191 - same dies.
Provenance: C. Blom collection, 1966
VF                                                                 £795    
P29       ALFRED the GREAT [871-99] silver penny
Portrait type - Lunettes - Moneyer - HEREBALD
obv. +AELBRED REX, bust right;
rev.  LDMO / HEREBA / NETA, lunettes A.   0.63g
Spink 1057 [£3250 in VF], Lyon and Mackay 18, North 625.
Provenance: Seaby, 31 March 1954;
                     Lord Stewartby collection [with ticket].
edge chipped and some porosity
VF/nVF                                                            £695                                                                              
P30            BERHTWULF [840-52] silver penny
Group 11 - LONDON mint - Moneyer - BEORNWEALD
obv. BERHTVLF REX, bust right;
rev.  BVRNVVALD, around cross with annulets.   1.03g
Spink 935 [£4750 in VF], North 410, Naismith L33.3b [this coin illustrated], Booth KCA type Ciii [this coin], SCBI Mack 600.
Provenance: Earl of Pembroke coll'n,; Sothebys July-Aug 1848, lot 20; R Addison coll'n, Sothebys 3.12.1855, lot 6; T F Dymock coll'n; Lord Grantley coll'n; R P Mack coll'n; L R Stack coll'n.
edge chipped
nEF                                                                    £2950

P31            ECGBERHT [802-39] silver penny
Group 11 - CANTERBURY mint - Mon. - SWEFHERD
rev.  +SVVEFHERD, 5 limbed cross in centre.   
Spink 1034 [£3750 in VF for common types - this is much rarer], North 568, cf. Naismith C74.3 - similar obv. but different rev., cf. SCBI . I - Fitzwilliam 523 [moneyer OBA]. Found near Chester, 2017 and recorded with PAS - LVPL - B32CD5
dark tone and chipped.
GVF                                                                    £1250   R

P32              AETHELSTAN [924-39] silver penny
Portrait type - LONDON mint - Moneyer - GRIMWALD
obv. +AEDELSTAN REX, bust right;
rev.  +GRIMPALD MO LONDEI, cross in centre.  1.40g
Spink 1095 [£2750 in VF], North 675
Provenance: Private collection, UK;  Baldwins.
bust somewhat weakly struck, slightly ragged flan and surface a bit lumpy in centre 
VF or near                                                              £1350                     

P33            HARTHACNUT [1035-42] silver penny
Jewel Cross type - GLOUCESTER mint - Moneyer - AELFSIGE
obv. +HARDACNVT RE, bust right;
rev.  +AELF : SIG ON GLEOCE. 1.42g.   
Spink 1167 [£8000 in VF for Gloucester mint], North 809, cf. SCBI 40 Stockholm 23. Only 1 recorded on SCBI/EMC [museum]. Provenance: Jon Mann.
some Viking pecks.
EF                                                                        £6950
P34                     EADRED [946-55] silver penny
Portrait type - Moneyer - MANNECIN
obv. +EADRED REX, bust right;
rev.  +MANNECIN . MONETA [small T], small cross.   1.04g
Spink 1115 [£2750 in VF], North 713, cf. EMC 1034.0706.
chipped and cracked, but stable - obv. better than photo suggests
GVF                                                                        £575
P35                   EADRED [946-55] silver penny
UNIQUE exceptional FLORAL type
Uncertain southern mint - Moneyer - BURHELM
obv. +EADRED REX, 2 floral branches;
rev.  BVRH + ELM MO, in 2 lines between cross.   1.49g
Spink 1119A [£7500 in VF]. 
Recorded: EMC 2014.0007;  PAS ESS-897E67
Provenance: Found in Thaxted, Essex, c. 1998; Spink auction, 25 June 2014, lot 528 [sold for £10,540]; Dr Andrew Wayne.
Unrecorded moneyer for Eadred and previously unrecorded type. Some surface marks on rev. above and below legend.
UNIQUE and exceptional Anglo Saxon coin
EF                                                                            £9750

P36         AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross - LONDON mint - Moneyer - GODWINE
obv. +AEDELRED REX ANGLO, bust left;
​rev. +GODPINE MO LVND. long cross.   1.54g
Spink 1151 [£285 in VF], North 774, cf. SCBI 7-851-2.
Provenance: Private collection, USA.
slightly weakly struck at base of bust
VF or better                                                   £235           

P37            AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross - LONDON mint - Moneyer - SWETING
obv. +AEDELRED REX ANGLO, bust left;
rev.  +SPETINC MO LVND, long cross.   1.71g
Spink 1151 [£285 in VF], North 774, cf. SCBI 7-942.
Provenance: Private collection, USA.
weakly struck top right
VF or better                                                        £235

P38     EDWARD THE CONFESSOR [1042-66] silver penny
Pyramids type - STAFFORD mint - Moneyer - GODWINE
obv. +EDDPARD RE, bust right;
rev.  +GODPINE ON STAE, voided short cross.    1.33g
Spink 1184 [£1350 in VF for Stafford mint], North 831, Freeman 30, cf. SCBI 18 Copenhagen 1182 [same dies].
Provenance: Mark Rasmussen coins.
GVF                                                                 £985
P39          CNUT [1016-35] silver penny
Pointed Helmet type - COLCHESTER mint - Mon - GODRIC
obv. +CNVT REX AN, bust left;
rev.  +GODRIC ON COLA.   
Spink 1158 [£380 in VF for Colchester mint].
Only 2 listed on SCBI/EMC both in museum collections - SCBI 13 Copenhagen 262/3. A few Viking pecks.
VERY RARE - VF                                               £350

P40           AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
Long Cross type - NORTHAMPTON mint - M. - AETHELNOTH
obv. +AEDELRED REX ANG, bust left;
rev.  +AEDELNOD M-O HAM, voided long cross.   1.50g
Spink 1151 [£570 in VF for Northampton mint], North 774.
Ex - Baldwins.
GVF                                                                             £450     
P41            AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
CRVX type - ROCHESTER mint - Moneyer - EADSIGE
obv. +AEDELRED REX, bust left;
rev.  +EDSIGE MO ROFE, voided cross with CRVX.   1.47g
Spink 1148 [£650 in VF for Rochester mint], North 770.
Provenance: Baldwins auction, 24 September 2013, lot 4285.
toned with a few Viking peck marks
VF                                                                                 £495                                       
P42          AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
CRVX type - NORTHAMPTON mint - Moneyer - LEOFWINE
obv. +AEDELRED REX ANGLOR, bust left;
rev.  +LEOFPINE M-O HAMT, voided cross with CRVX. 1.37g
Spink 1148 [£570 in VF for Northampton mint], North 770.
Only 1 example recorded on SCBI/EMC - in a museum collection [SCBI 45 - Latvian 12 - mounted and pierced] 
a couple of 'Viking pecks'. By far the best known example, as far as we are aware.
EXTREMELY RARE  -   nEF                                 £595                   
P43          AETHELRED 11 [978-1016] silver penny
CRVX type - SOUTHAMPTON mint - Moneyer - ISANGELD
Spink 1148 [£840 in VF for Southampton mint]
Only 2 examples recorded on SCBI/EMC, both in museum collections.   Edge crack at 10 o'clock.
GVF/VF                                                                       £595
P44         AETHELRED 11 [​978-1016] silver penny
CRVX type - SOUTHWARK mint - Moneyer - AELFRIC
Spink 1148 [£325 in VF for Southwark mint]
Provenance: Parsons collection [159];  Mark Rasmussen [£620] - with tickets.  Probably the best example known.
aEF                                                                         £ sold
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